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Aztek Gaming is a leader in software development for the gaming and non-gaming industry. We offer a wide range of technical solutions, system integrations and services. No matter what the size of your company, Aztek Gaming combines the latest technology along with highly skilled professionals to bring you innovative solutions.

Each Aztek Gaming solution is customized specifically for its clients and is unmatched in functionality. Aztek Gaming proudly offers these products in addition to core-consulting and visualization services.

Patented Technology

US 9679539 B1

A system and corresponding methodology for displaying in real-time geographical and situational details on-site underneath a conveyed or preselected region displayed on a web mapping service, wherein these geographical and situational details include information that is overlaid over top the conveyed or preselected region on the web map. The system can be used to formulate and implement incident/emergency response by providing knowledge under a plume, and/or can also be used to display entity information under a selected region for audit/maintenance purposes.

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Patented Technology: US 9679539 B1

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