Access. Anytime. Anywhere. Aztek Gaming provides customizable permit tracking for the gaming industry. PermiTrak is a cloud-based application that transforms the way employee licensing and certifications are issued, managed and tracked.

PermiTrak is a Zero-Footprint application, optimized for mobile platforms, that provides employee/vendor information right at your fingertips - 24/7 and 365 days a year.

This state-of-the-art technology streamlines the permitting process and makes it easy to:

  • Apply
  • Review
  • Approve
  • Warehouse Records Online

PermiTrak Support Tools:

Real-Time Permit Tracking

Faster. Accurate.

Aztek Gaming's latest software, PermiTrak, allows you to monitor just about anything. You can set up comprehensive weekly and yearly reports or you can set deadline notifications.

PermiTrak streamlines the entire permit application process by making it easy for you to track down information on applicants as well as those who are already licensed. The information contained in PermiTrak is real time. You can check on an applicant's status.

Or if someone needs to update their licensing information, an alert can be sent to you.

Automated Permitting and Licensing

Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.

PermiTrak automates the permitting and licensing process for the casino gaming industry. Aztek Gaming's easy-to-use software displays permit information such as:

  • Type of Permit
  • Permit Inspection Schedules

With PermiTrak, the permitting process is streamlined which allows you to operate more efficiently and effectively. In fact, once the permit information is entered and stored in the PermiTrak system, any activity on a particular case may be investigated and the issuance of a permit is possible.

Manage Permits

Issue. Manage. Track.

Aztek Gaming's state-of-the-art software, PermiTrak, allows you to update your business records in real time from any location. You can update records with a click of a button on a keyboard, smartphone or tablet.


  • Streamlines Application to Approval Time
  • Automated Calculation of Fees
  • Allows for Online Collection of Fees
  • Deadline Notification Alerts

PermiTrak Document Warehousing

A Place For Everything. Everything In Its Place.

PermiTrak uses the latest technology for what is called document or data warehousing. If you need an accurate and reliable way to store your company’s records, we can help.

  • Digital Database of Scanned Paper Files
  • Controlled User Access to Application Information
  • Immediate Access to Files

Any and all data entered or uploaded into PermiTrak cannot be deleted by any administrator, but can only be hidden which ensures data integrity and user accountability.

PermiTrak stores:

  • Comprehensive Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Reports
  • Drawings and Photos
  • Deadline Notifications

The risk of loss or damage to paper or electronic records is reduced with document warehousing.

PermiTrak Users

Fully Customizable.

PermiTrak can be customized to fit any business and its needs. We have provided permit tracking solutions to law enforcement agencies and organizations around the globe. Here is a list of our other PermiTrak users:

Local Government:
  • Burn Permits
  • Bicycle Permits
  • Building Permits
  • Mobile Home Permits
  • Taxicab Permits
  • Special Events Permits
State Government:
  • Gas Stations
  • Industry (Emissions & Operations)
  • Video Poker Licensing
  • Casino Licensing
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Licenses
  • Bingo and Other Gaming Licensing
  • Restaurant Inspection Permits
  • Sanitation Permits
  • Nursing Home Permits (Operation and Annual Recertification)
  • Hospitals (Operation and Annual Recertification)
  • Health Units and Community Centers Certification
Natural Resources
  • Drilling Permits
  • Habitat Protection Permits
Public Safety
  • Motor Vehicle Permits (Derelict Vehicle - Sale, Dismantle and Crush)
  • Firearms Licensing
Social Services
  • Child Care
  • Day-Care and Adult Care
  • Construction
  • Aviation, Marine and Special

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