i-Response® is a Zero-Footprint application that delivers critical information to first responders at the right time. During an emergency, there is no time to waste...  i-Response® allows you to identify and alert individuals who are located within an emergency zone. i-Response provides:

  • Web mapping tools
  • Customizable emergency scenarios
  • Track and locate assets (security cameras, sprinkler systems, air vents, defibrillators)
  • Set up perimeters on-the-fly with the touch of a finger
  • Send emergency SMS alerts to patrons and team members/first responders

i-Response® also provides access to its partner application - Incident Manager - which delivers real-time incident information.

  • Floor Plans
  • Map of Specific Incident Location
  • Personnel Involved
  • Patient Information
  • Cost of the Incident
  • Corrections Made
  • Investigation Team
  • Investigation Deadlines

This technology allows our clients to utilize the latest online security protocols and enables them to be prepared for any incident or emergency situation.

We provide you the tools to store critical information. We can help you to always be prepared. We can assist you in learning from previous emergency situations.

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